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300 Average daily loans (First Time Loans)

We started working with Juanhand in the middle of July 2021 and the average first time loans were no more than 100 per day. After a few weeks and thorough analysis were determined how we can double and eventually triple the current performance.

First of all, we were working via the CPL model, so the following step was to switch to CPS, as it will allow us to track user behavior and optimize traffic in accordance with the client’s business needs. Secondly, the higher payout for the CPS model helped us to involve more sources to cooperate.

From the get-go we reached 300 first time loans, with a peak of 790 events in the middle of August. In the image below you can see the boost in first time loans during August.

What Helped Usto Succeed

advantage Working with each source separately
advantage Process optimization
advantage Testing multiple hypotheses
advantage Different payment models
advantage Adjusting bids to win auctions

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