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Appska drives high-quality traffic from dozens of sources in any GEO and in such verticals as E-Com, Finance, Services, Entertainment, Utilities, Delivery, Games

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We provide top-notch services for our customers by blending creativity with data analytics in our strategy, we ensure that your brand establishes effective connections with the right audience, resulting in a powerful impact that translates into tangible business outcomes.

In-App Advertising

In-App Advertising

An effective marketing tool that enables companies to promote their products or services directly within mobile applications



Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM advertising for applications occurs at many touch points throughout the device lifecycle


Media Buying

Media Buying

Is a strategy and process of acquiring advertising space on mobile devices and platforms to effectively promote products, services, or a brand




It’s when ads are shown to users who have visited a website, interacted with an app, or expressed interest in particular products or services


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Allows companies to effectively expand their audience and boost sales by paying commissions only for actual results achieved


Appska Network

Appska Network

Top quality In-App traffic from the market leader


How We Work

Each stage involves close collaboration with the client to ensure alignment between the strategy and the stated goals. Continuous campaign optimization is performed to maximize efficiency and achieve success according to client expectations.


Discussion of Terms and KPIs

Interactive discussion with the client to determine key terms and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Clarification of the campaign goals, budget, target audience, and other essential parameters


Strategy Preparation

Analysis of the target audienceand their behavior

Development of a media plan, identifying optimal channels and ad formats

Creation of creative materials aligned with the strategy and goals.


Source Approval

Identification of traffic sources, including the selection of OEM partners and other advertising platforms.

Agreement with the client on the use of various channels and partners.e strategy and goals.


Traffic Launch

Implementation of the advertising campaign launch in accordance with the developed strategy.

Monitoring of the launched campaign for real-time adjustments and optimizations



Assessment of campaign results in real-time.

Analysis of key metrics such as conversions, CTR, ROI, and other established KPIs.



Preparation of weekly/monthly reports for the client.

Inclusion of key achievements, effectiveness analysis, and recommendations for future improvements in the reports.

Appska is an international company so you can count on promotion in any GEO

Our main GEOs are:

  • Mexico, Brazil, and other LATAM
  • Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and other SEA
  • US, UK, & EU countries
  • CIS

About us

Appska came into being in 2021 as part of a holding company. At that time, we saw the potential to thrive within the realm of In-App advertising and established a department to explore and master the nuances of this niche.

With each successful campaign, our reputation grew, attracting both clients and talent. The once-small department now had a formidable team of specialists. We started to diversify our services and explore new traffic sources, GEOs, and verticals. This expansion allowed us to offer clients a complete package of performance marketing solutions.

One day, Appska wasn’t merely an In-App advertising department anymore. It has become a separate company — a full-service performance marketing agency specializing in Affiliate Marketing, In-App Advertising, and Media Buying.

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Appska gave us top offers on the Indian market that were interesting to us and supplied information. Then Appska shared links with us and we started working. After a while, we optimized our ad campaigns with the help of Appska managers. They provided us with reports and analytics. Eventually, we received our profit!

Minimob Technology

Our goal was to find new brands for promotion. So we were looking for new interesting and exclusive iGaming & Betting offers for India. Appska provided us with them (4-5 offers per month), gave us budgets and good caps. They negotiated all the terms with advertisers, provided statistics and reports, helped optimize the advertising campaigns, and helped avoid traffic deductions

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