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100 Applications per day
30 Loans per day

Digido is a state-licensed and fully automated online lender.

We started working with the mobile app in May 2021. It was called Robocash. From May to August 2021, we attracted 3,000 applications and over 700+ loans. At the peak, there were 60 applications per day and 20 loans per day.

In August 2021, there was a rebranding — the application changed its name: Robocash became Digido.

At first, traffic volumes were insignificant, since the brand was not yet known on the market. That’s why there was a drawdown in August. But in 2 weeks we went from 0 to 270 applications per day (750 applications per day at peak).

Since September, the figures began to grow significantly. This was because we increased payments to advertising networks for targeted actions reducing our profits — they became more interesting to work with and our traffic volumes increased. As a result, we have significantly scaled up. When the advertiser began to receive large volumes of high-quality traffic, it was possible to negotiate on more favorable terms with him.

In October 2021, we consistently received 250-400 applications per day.

As a result, from August 2021 to January 2022, we achieved the following:

  • 500,000 installs
  • 18,000 applications
  • 5,000 loans

What Helped Usto Succeed

advantage Working with each source separately
advantage Process optimization
advantage Testing multiple hypotheses
advantage Different payment models
advantage Adjusting bids to win auctions

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