Préstamos Rápidos

September 2021 — Present


Payout event First Time Loan Application





Android / iOS



Average daily loans

We have been working with MoneyMan ES since September 2021. The feature is quite a long evaluation process. From the start, the total monthly cap was given as 300 applications. Due to that, we could not scale further to match advertisers business needs.


Though we were reaching the cap every month in the middle of it, we had a chance to prove the quality and after advertiser’s traffic analysis, starting from January the iOS app was added and the cap was increased to 4,000 applications which we confidently started reaching. The average applications daily during that period were 100, with a peak of 120.


What helped us
to succeed

Working with each source separately

Process optimization

Testing multiple hypotheses

Different payment models

Adjusting bids to win auctions

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