December 2020 — December 2021

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Applications per day


Loans per day

We started working with the Fonbet iOS in December 2020. At first, there were about 40 deposits per day, then we reached 100 deposits per day. In June 2021, the app made a hit — up to 652 deposits per day on peaks: 

Number of First Time Deposits from 01.01.21 to 31.07.21 on Adjust

Then the advertiser changed the attribution system from Adjust to AppsFlyer. It was assumed that switching to AppsFlyer would reduce conversion. However, we quickly reconfigured the traffic sources. This made it possible to avoid drawdown.


In addition, the work was complicated by the fact that Fonbet sent us a list of prohibited sources that it didn’t accept for one reason or another. Nevertheless, we increased the traffic volumes on the sources we had at our disposal. We also set a competitive rate, which allowed us to attract more sources and give them the opportunity to scale.


Finally, we constantly made sure that there was no fraud:

Fraud rate on December 1, 2021

At first, after switching to AppsFlyer, the indicators decreased, but from September they gradually began to grow and grew very really by mid-October:


In October we had 2021 deposits, and in November the volume grew to 6141 deposits.

Number of First Time Deposits from 01.08.21 to 19.12.21 on AppsFlyer

Number of First Time Deposits in October 2021

Number of First Time Deposits in November 2021

Since we gave large volumes, the advertiser increased our CAP. In September, when the advertiser just switched to AppsFlyer, our CAP was 1000 (as a test). In October, the CAP was already 5000. The indicators were getting better and better, so in November we were given a CAP of 7500 deposits (now we are negotiating to increase the CAP to 10000).

CAP from May to November 2021

Number of Installs from June to November 2021

First Time Deposits & CR Inst2FTD on top sources in October and November 2021


What helped us
to succeed

Working with each source separately

Process optimization

Testing multiple hypotheses

Different payment models

Adjusting bids to win auctions

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